In just 12 minutes, you'll be ready to sell your products or collect payments online.

Collect credit card payments with Stripe & PayPal. Only pay a 50¢ fee for each collected payment.
Sell your products or collect
payments online.
Sell digital products, physical products, recurring subscriptions — collect donations, or let your customers pay what they want (PWYW).
Sell your products or collect payments directly on your website. Or send your customers a link to purchase your products or collect payments via email, Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else where you communicate with your customers.
Accept all of the most common debit cards, credit cards, and prepaid cards (including Visa, Privacy Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club). And, with PayPal, your customers can also pay with a PayPal account, PayPal Credit, or bank transfer.
Sell any type of product or collect payments — including digital products, physical products, recurring subscriptions, pre-orders — donations, or pay what you want (PWYW).
A fully featured checkout system. Sell your products. Print shipping labels. Search customer purchases. Track your sales. Issue refunds. Handle fraudulent payments. All easily done from your Snappy Checkout dashboard.
You only pay when you make a sale. No sign-up fees. No monthly fees. No fees for unsuccessful charges. No fees for refunded sales. You only pay the standard credit card processing fee — plus either 2% or 50¢ per sale — whichever is lower (see more details).
Collect payments in multiple currencies. The following currencies are supported right now: AED, AUD, CAD, DKK, EUR, GBP, USD, and ZAR.
No complicated sign up forms or merchant account needed.
Get started selling in just 12 minutes. And in even less time if you already have a Stripe and PayPal account.
See how it works Start selling your products today
You'll be making money
while you sleep.
Automatically sell your products
or collect payments.
Any time
of day or night.
Snappy Checkout is a fully automated checkout system. It's a well-oiled machine that never quits. It can handle all functions of your product sales process. And it'll free you up to tend to other important business matters.
Receipts are automatically sent to your customers via email upon purchase. Each receipt also includes a link where your customers can view a history of all products purchased from you.
Recurring subscriptions are automatically billed each month/year. Use an optional trial period of 7, 14, or 30 days to allow your customers to try your product before being billed for the first time.
Subscription dunning process will automatically contact customers when a subscription payment fails. Your customers will be guided to update their credit card information to get their subscription back on track.
Allow customers to split a payment over several months. This will allow them to enjoy your product today on a budget that works best for them.
Auto deliver digital products. Store your digital products at Dropbox for free and auto deliver them to your customers via email upon purchase. Download links are tied to your customer's IP address to prevent them from being shared across the Internet.
Advanced automation with API and webhooks. Programmatically receive notifications when new payments are received. Use the Snappy Checkout API to confirm payments and manage subscriptions.
Automatically send your customer data to 300+ web apps. Snappy Checkout works with Zapier to allow you to send your customer data to nearly any web app on the Internet when you receive a new payment.
Start selling your products today
Manage everything from your dashboard. The Snappy Checkout dashboard is designed to help you get work done quickly & efficiently.
All your sales data in one place. Your Stripe and PayPal payments can be viewed and managed directly from the Snappy Checkout dashboard.
Track your revenue and sales. View daily and monthly graphs of your sales and revenue totals. View the total sales per product. View your projected revenue for the month or year.
Easily find payments from customers. You can quickly track down payments by searching for things like an email address, customer name, price, or date.
Manage recurring subscriptions. View, cancel, and reactivate cancelled subscriptions.
Print shipping labels. In a few clicks, you can purchase and print discounted shipping labels from UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, and other carriers.
Refund payments. You can send partial or full refunds for all received payments.
View failed, fraudulent, and disputed payments. These payment events are logged to help you troubleshoot customer payment issues.
Generate sales reports. Search results from the Snappy Checkout dashboard can be downloaded in CSV format — which can be opened in Microsoft Excel and most other business applications.
Start selling your products today
Security should never
be an afterthought.
Securely collect payments from your customers. And you can rest assured that your account and all data within are safe and secure.
There's no such thing as being too safe when it comes to collecting payments online. Snappy Checkout safely collects payment data, ensures it's safely stored, and gives you the tools needed to keep your account safe.
Securely collect payments. All sensitive credit card data is securely transmitted, processed, and stored by Stripe and PayPal. Both companies are PCI-compliant — meaning they are routinely audited to ensure they are following the strictest security standards.
Collect payments directly on your website. Your customers will feel right at home since they'll be on your website throughout the entire payment process. And, if you don't have a website, your customers can purchase your products from your checkout on Snappy Checkout's website.
Automatic fraudulent payment detection. All payments you receive will be scanned to ensure they were not made with a stolen credit card. And, when a possible fraudulent payment is detected, you will be notified right away so you can take the appropriate action.
Protect your account with Google 2-Step Verification. With 2-Step Verification enabled, you'll need both your password and a code generated on your mobile phone in order to log into your Snappy Checkout account. You'll be able to keep the bad guys out, even if they have your password.
Start selling your products today
67.91% of checkouts are abandoned.
A smooth checkout process will help
you turn the tables on those odds.
Studies continue to show high checkout abandonment rates. With Snappy Checkout's easy-to-use checkout, smooth checkout flow, and broad device compatibility, you can help ensure you won't be part of that statistic.
Works on all devices. Snappy Checkout works great on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices (like iPhones, iPads, and Android devices). The checkout process will go smoothly no matter how your customers access your checkout.
Frustration-free checkout process. The checkout process is quick and easy. Your customers are not required to create an account or complete a bunch of unnecessary fields to complete their purchase.
Prevent technical difficulties. Studies have shown that shoppers often leave without paying due to technical issues. Snappy Checkout handles all technical details for you. And, the checkout process is constantly being refined and improved to ensure the best possible experience for your customers.
Start selling your products today
You only get charged
when you sell something.
Simple pricing.
No surprise fees.
Straight-forward pricing. You only pay 2.9% + 80¢ per sale (see more details). There are no monthly fees or other unexpected charges.
Earnings are deposited directly into your account. As soon as you make a sale, your earnings are deposited into your Stripe/PayPal account. You can transfer those earnings to your bank account in 2-3 business days.
No monthly fees. You only get charged when you earn money. Snappy Checkout stores your data and maintains your account at no extra cost.
No failed payment fees. No fees are charged when a customer's payment fails. You only pay a fee for successful payments.
Start selling your products today
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