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Temporary Product Discount
When adding a product in the Products section of the Snappy Checkout admin, you have the option to discount a product by a percentage or dollar amount off the price listed in your product's “Price” text box.

To temporarily discount a product, make a copy of the existing product to discount (by clicking the copy product link to the right of your product) and choose a discount for the copied product. At this point, you'll have two versions of your product — one at full price and a second at the discounted price. Once your sale has ended, you can either delete the discounted copy of your product or disable it. Disabling it is helpful in situations where you're going to offer that same discount again at some point in the future.

This simple discount method requires no special discount code in order to take advantage of the discounted price. Your customers will have one less obstacle to completing the checkout process — which is a win for everyone.
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