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Failed Payments
Troubleshooting Failed Payments
A customer's payment can fail for many reasons. Here are most common reasons:

  • An invalid credit card number, expiration date, or card code was entered.
  • Declined because your customer's credit card company believes the transaction was suspicious.
  • Declined because the credit card was used from a country other than where your business is located.
  • Declined because the credit card can only be used for certain business categories (like travel or healthcare).
When the failed reason is “declined”, that means the bank — where your customer's credit card was issued — declined the charge. If the reason is not obvious to your customer, you should suggest your customer contact the issuing credit card company for more details. There is nothing you can do on your end to troubleshoot “declined” charges.

You can find a list of failed payments in the Events --> Failed Payments section of the Snappy Checkout admin — along with the reason the payment failed. Failed PayPal payments will not appear in the Snappy Checkout admin. PayPal handles all failed payments on their end.
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