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Test Payments
Creating A Test Credit Card
After connecting your Stripe account in the Settings --> Payment Processors section of your Snappy Checkout account, you can use the "Enable Test Payments" button to create a test payment code that can be used for testing Stripe payments within your Snappy Checkout account.

Note: There is no way to create PayPal test payments in Snappy Checkout (since PayPal does not allow it). You'll need to process live transactions and refund the payments in the "Payments" section of your Snappy Checkout account.

Once redirected to Stripe, select your Stripe account near the bottom of the form and click the "Skip this form" button at the top of the form.

After enabling test payments, you'll see the "Test Code" appear below your Stripe keys.

This test code will need to be appended to the URL of the webpage that contains the checkout you'd like to test. For example:


If the test code was correctly appended to the URL, you'll see a "Test Payment" banner above the credit card fields.

Test payments can be collected using any future expires date, any card code, any billing zip code (if applicable), and one of the following credit card numbers:

  • 4242424242424242
  • 5555555555554444
  • 371449635398431
  • 378282246310005
  • 4012888888881881
  • 6011000990139424
  • 6011111111111117
Note: These test credit card numbers are associated to US credit cards. If you don't accept US credit cards, then you'll need to use one of these test credit cards instead.
Deleting Test Payments
When done testing, you should refund all test payments since they will affect the totals that are displayed in the Dashboard section of your Snappy Checkout account. Payments can be refunded in the Payments section of your Snappy Checkout account. Test payments can also be permanently deleted after refunded.

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